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Brake Services / Auto Repair Santa Fe

High-Quality Brake Pads

At Master Tech Auto Repair, our high-quality brake pads are guaranteed not to wear out, squeal or make moaning noises for 3 years or 30,000 miles, whichever first.

Our service includes machining the brake rotors, cleaning and lubricating the caliper slide pins and installing the higher quality brake pads. For most cars and trucks, this will cost between $250 and $270 plus tax.

Less-Expensive Brake Pads

The other option is to install lesser quality and less expensive brake pads. Our experience has shown that the lesser quality and less expensive brake pads can cause intermittent squealing noises and or moaning noises when coming to a stop leaving clients feeling unsafe. However, these brakes are still safe, they are just made of a cheaper brake material that may make annoying noises. The typical cost for most vehicles for clients that use the cheaper brake pads is between $190 and $210 plus tax and this includes machining the brake rotors and cleaning and lubricating the caliper slide pins.

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