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Hello, Mr. Rodent! This rodent’s nest really ruined someone’s morning…

Rodent's nest found under the hood
Classic car in the shop

Testimonials like this keep us excited about coming to work everyday: “The best my car has ever run since it was new! I really appreciate your fine workmanship!! Thank you” – Master Tech Customer

Ever wonder what the inside of a 4×4 transfer case looks like? You can see the oil pump screen has been broken and has even sucked up some metal flakes. The oil pump also stopped lubricating the internal transfer case…no bueno.

Inside a transfer case
Under the hood of a classic car

We never know what our customers are going to bring in! They just aren’t made like this anymore, are they?

Did you know that the Master Tech shop is 100% solar powered? See if you can spot the solar panels in this picture!

Outside the shop
A leapard print limo

We get the opportunity to work on some of the coolest cars in Santa Fe. Do you have a cool ride? Post a pic!

No matter what the issue is, you know that we will get to the bottom of the mystery. Even down to the busted bolt that was causing this engine to misfire.

An engine block
An engine lift

Engine Transplant…

Is your old jeep engine a little tired? Let’s keep that baby going for another 7 years!

A jeep with the engine being rebuilt
An old, rusted gas tank

Old and rusted out gas tank. Time for fabrication and ingenuity! #santafeautorepair

We are proud to serve New Mexico gas and Sandia shuttle express! #santafeautorepair #nmauto #newmexicoauto

Sandia Shuttle Express truck
A Toyota on a lift

This Toyota needed a new transmission complete with a 3 year warranty – done and done! #autorepairsantafe

Got car trouble? Call the experts at Master Tech Auto Repair Today: 505-471-1121 #autorepairsantafe

If you want to get the most out of your car, Master Tech Auto Repair will get you there.
Our experts will keep your car running for the long haul.

All of our techs are ASE Certified. You will not find a more talented group.

Master Tech Auto Repair is a proud user of computer diagnostics – a quick and efficient way to see what’s really going on with your #car.

Ari working under the hood
Jon working under a car

We believe in getting THE MOST out of your car. If you want to drive your car for a LONG TIME, you better come to us.

We are proud to be an ASE recognized business!

ASE Blue Seal of Excellence
Inside the shop

We believe every customer is unique. That is why we listen to what your concerns are and offer different options on how we can repair your vehicle and stay within your budget.

No job is too big or too small! How about a complete engine replacement on a 2008 Ford F-350?

No job is too big or too small
Another family of pack rats

Another family of pack rats made it's way into one of our customer's engine compartments

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ASE Blue Seal of Excellence