Our Process / Auto Repair Santa Fe

We are committed to giving each vehicle a thorough inspection that will allow us to address all your questions and concerns.  Thank you for allowing us the time necessary to perform the thorough, high-quality work that is our trademark!


  1. Your vehicle will be road-tested to assess your problem and to get a feel for any other issues that may need our attention.
  2. One of our highly trained technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle.
  3. If needed, and with your approval, the technician will perform all appropriate computer diagnostics.
  4. A prioritized list of recommended repairs and an estimate of the cost to repair your vehicle will be prepared; this usually takes one full day. Ari will then call you and explain the action plan and priorities.
  5. Once you have approved an action plan, we will be able to establish a time for completion of the repairs.

Master Tech Auto Repair, Inc BBB Business Review

ASE Blue Seal of Excellence