Top Ten Car Maintenance Tips for Summer

Posted on Apr 16, 2018

Top Tips for Summer Auto Maitenance

Is your car ready for summer? Whether it's your daily work commute or a leisurely, romantic drive down one of New Mexico’s scenic roads, the coming hot months are a prime time for driving excursions.

Here are ten things to help keep your car running smoothly.

  • Look at your tires. Are they worn or underinflated? These issues can cause a tire to blow. Also driving too fast for too long on hot roads. So be sure to take breaks if you’re on a long trip so your tires have time to cool off. Not sure of the condition of your tires? Have an expert check them for you.


  • Check your brakes. Transitioning from the cold of winter to the heat of summer can mean that your brake pads can suffer extreme thermal cycling. Get them checked for wear and cracking.


  • Check Brake Fluid. When it comes to your safety, brake fluid is almost as important as your tires. Degradation of that fluid can lead to reduced braking performance or, in extreme cases, complete brake failure.


  • Get an oil check. Pull out your vehicle’s dipstick and check the level and color. If it’s too low and/or too dark you need an oil change ASAP!  


  • Make sure your coolant is cool. When your engine is cold, check your coolant level and coolant mix. Plus look at the overflow radiator tank which should be full. It’s a good idea to change your coolant at least once a year for maximum performance.


  • Examine your automatic transmission fluid. The fluid should be at the level recommended by the manufacturer and the color should be a shade of red. The same goes for manual transmission. If you’re not sure, have a mechanic inspect the fluid levels for you. 


  • Fill your Power Steering fluid to the top. Low steering fluid can mean your vehicle is harder to steer which can cause irreversible damage to your steering pump and rack or gearbox. Check your owner’s manual for the proper levels. If necessary, go to an expert to have your power system flushed and refilled.


  • Check your Battery. Besides the radio, you’ll be using your car’s air conditioning, headlights, and even charging your phone. A technician can check your car’s battery power level and even recharge it for you.


  • Change Your Windshield Wipers. Your wipers have just gone from freezing and thawing over the winter, so they're very likely worn out and streaking by spring and summer. For greater visibility and less stress have them examined and changed out if necessary.


  • Clean your car inside and out. For the outside, use high-quality cleansers and high-pressure water to get rid of trapped sand and dirt.  And for the inside get rid of all the junk under the seats and floor, then vacuum and shampoo the carpets.


The summer months are a fun time for driving. Protect your automotive investment with a multi-point vehicle inspection which is a thorough assessment of your vehicle performed by our certified experts. Call 505-471-1121 to schedule an appointment.

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