Regular Maintenance for Your Car During the Changing Seasons

Posted on Aug 2, 2021

Routine Maintenance Can Help Your Car Perform Better During Dangerous Weather

No matter the season, you can always take steps and measures to keep your vehicle in top condition. And it's necessary to pay attention to the seasons because as they change, so do the requirements placed on your car. Maintaining your vehicle is a year-round practice. Whether it's winter, fall, spring, or summer, you should accomplish some annual maintenance to maximize vehicle life and minimize changes in performance.

Fortunately, you don't have to do it alone! The experts at Master Tech Auto Repair can help no matter the season. To help keep you and your vehicle safe and maintained as the seasons change, we've compiled this list of few preventative vehicle maintenance tips you should consider.

Check the Oil and other fluids

Monitoring your vehicle’s fluids is one of the most critical car care routines. The various fluids lubricate, cool, and perform other necessary functions that help keep your car running and driving. 

Routine oil change keeps the inner passageways of the engine clean and the motor well greased. Take a few minutes to check and examine the underhood fluids, including the engine oil, coolant, and brake fluid. You’ll also want an auto repair Santa Fe mechanic to check the automatic transmission fluid and the power steering fluid (if your car has hydraulic power steering). 


Spring and summer are when the buildup of additional debris and dirt in the vehicle can happen.  Over time, The oil will not only become dirty, but it can also start to become sticky and clumpy, rendering it useless.  It would help if you got an oil change every 6 months or 10,000 miles.

Tire Care

Tires are super important because they affect your vehicle's braking ability, handling performance, and overall safety. Tires are a crucial part of seasonal maintenance because your tires will change as the seasons do. Whether you prefer to roll on all seasons until the snow and ice hit, or you switch between a pair of summer and winter tires depending on the weather, you'll need help shifting back and forth and ensuring that everything lines up evenly for smooth and safe driving.

Your tires also demand regular maintenance and care in the form of alignment and rotation. Over the years, the tread on your tires wears down, usually on one side more than the other, making it challenging to steer perfectly over time. By alternating your tires regularly, you give an even wear on the tread, which causes your vehicle to run more smoothly and extends the life of your tires.

Brake Inspection

The brakes on your car are undoubtedly the fundamental and most important safety feature. Your auto repair Santa Fe mechanic will check out the caliper, rotor, drum, and brake pads to ensure everything is in working order. Because of this, it makes dollars and a reason to pay special attention to this system with annual or seasonal maintenance. 

Summer serves hot roads that necessitate good braking power. It's vital to have your brake system examined by a Santa Fe mechanic to ensure the drums or rotors have sufficient density.

Ice and snow can harm the performance of your brake system. Once the snow melts, it can add extra moisture and dampness to your brake fluid or brakes.  However, you can prevent these unfavorable consequences by scheduling regular brake inspections or brake repairs.

Heating and Air Conditioning

When the weather shifts, you're going to want a vehicle that can regulate temperature properly. Your heating and Air Conditioning are both, without a doubt, necessary. So, whether you're leaving the warm spring months and heading into blasting summer heat, or you're fading from cool fall days into the freezing winter wind, seasonal changes are a perfect time to have your heating and Air Conditioning system checked. 

Some things are more alarming than hopping into a blazing vehicle and turning on the AC to enjoy warm blowing air. To prevent this from happening, have car maintenance for summer with a comprehensive inspection at Master Tech Auto Repair in Santa Fe nm. You should also schedule car maintenance for winter to inspect your rear and front windshield defoggers, heaters, and fans. And it's best to schedule these inspections before the temperatures drop.

For your Car maintenance, Santa Fe technicians will do a visual examination, check for leaks or problems with fluids and vents, and make repairs to ensure your vehicle is warm and toasty for the winter and comfortable summer.

Watch out for Any Outstanding Maintenance 

Remember that booklet, called the owner’s manual, that’s hidden in your glovebox? Dust it off and head over to the section covering the manufacturer’s maintenance planā . You’ll find the suggested intervals for the routine services the automaker recommends. 

Is your car overdue for service? Then take care of it now. Lack of car maintenance is one of the most common reasons for mechanical breakdowns. Master Tech in Santa Fe can help you extend your car's life and prepare for all types of inclement weather situations. We keep a full schedule of your car's maintenance needs and provide you with a friendly reminder to get your car inspected. This means remembering to maintain your car is no longer something you have to worry about. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Holding onto a car maintenance schedule, and keeping a record of what you’ve done, can improve and extend the life of your vehicle and protect you against breakdowns, expensive brake repair, and other unwelcome surprises.


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