Oil Changes are Great for Engine Upkeep. Here’s Why…

Posted on Mar 26, 2018

Oil Changes are Great for Engine Upkeep. Here’s Why…

Just as the engine is the heart of your vehicle, oil is the life blood. To ensure, optimum performance, regular oil changes are essential. And yes, most people understand that changing your oil entails installing a new oil filter and replacing the old engine oil with new oil. But according to a survey by CheapCarInsurance.net, 60% of Americans are either not very confident or completely clueless on how to change their oil. With that said, here are the benefits of doing so:  

Smoother Running, Cleaner Engine

When you turn on your car’s engine, microscopic wear and debris particles flake off into your car’s oil. Changing your oil gets rid of these tiny particles and ensures your engine is lubricated with clean, quality motor oil.

Less Engine Wear

Engine wear and failure are caused by increased friction. Getting a regular oil changes significantly slows down this process to result in a longer lasting car engine.

Significantly Reduced Emissions

Changing your oil allows your engine to run cleaner which translates into less exhaust and cleaner emissions and a smaller footprint on the Earth. Also, clean oil quickly absorbs those engine particles and other engine by-product emissions.

Greater Gas Mileage

Cleaner oil means better lubrication and less friction on your engine parts which leads to increased gas mileage.

Enhanced Engine Performance

When your engine oil is clean and free of particles, it allows for maximum mechanical output which naturally leads to better engine performance.

Getting an oil change can mean so much for more for the life of your vehicle. Our ASE Certified Master Technicians can quickly replace your oil filter and change your oil to keep your vehicle going the extra mile. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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