Keep Your Car In Great Shape, Even When You’re Not Driving It.

Posted on Mar 30, 2020

Keep your car in peak condition, even during quarantine. 

With virtually the entire country in quarantine for the unforeseen future, the amount of miles we are putting on our vehicles has without a doubt gone down. Now, we all understand that the less you use your car, the longer it will last. However, simply parking your car in your driveway and hanging up the keys isn’t exactly healthy for your car either. 

Make sure you are still keeping your car health during quarantine using these simple steps: 


Cover Your Vehicle

With a mix of rain and sunshine coming through all spring, you can ensure that your car is protected from the elements by purchasing a cover. This is a great alternative when a garage or carport is not available. 


Clean Your Vehicle

A clean car is typically a sure sign of a healthy car. Leaving food in your vehicle can attract insects and rodents. Fast food cups tend to deteriorate over time as well, which can lead to unwanted stains on your interior. Over a long quarantine period where your car is sitting stationary, you may find that you have unwelcome guests and damage to your vehicle when it comes time to drive it again. 


Fill Up Your Tank

Before parking your car for a long period of time, it is always advisable to fill up your gas tank. If a low gas tank is left unattended, it could lead to water build up. This will make it difficult for your engine to start the next time you try, or could even cause corrosion. 


Inflate Your Tires

Tires will lose pressure over time, especially when changes in temperature are present. Having deflated tires on your vehicle can cause unnecessary strain on your suspension while your vehicle is being stored. 


Start Your Car Periodically

When a vehicle is left unattended, there is a tendency for the oils to pool at the bottom of your engine. This can leave important engine parts unlubricated. Starting your vehicle every couple of days will help ensure that all of your engine parts are properly lubricated and your battery stays at a proper level. 


Check Your Battery

Your car battery can begin to corrode if left unattended for long periods of time. Make sure that you clean the battery connections while your car is in storage. It is also a good idea, if you know that you are not going to drive your vehicle for an extended period of time, to actually disconnect the battery. This will ensure that your battery does not drain while the car is not being used. 


Keep in mind that we are still available to service your car during the COVID-19 timeframe. If you find that your vehicle needs maintenance, be sure to contact us for an appointment. 


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