Is It Time for a Tune-Up?

Posted on Apr 18, 2021

Warning Signs That Your Vehicle May Need A Tune-Up

If you have been driving your car for a few years and everything seems fine, you may not feel the need to visit the garage for a check-up. But all may not be as good underneath the bonnet as it seems on the outside. Here are a few signs that your car needs professional repair attention, possibly a tune-up. 

If you've been wondering when to get a tune-up, here are a few signs that your car gives.

Never before lights 

Your dashboard lights have been put there for a reason. It is important for you to know your car's manual well and decipher why one light has started blinking, or another has changed from green to amber. Your car could be trying to let you know that something has gone wrong or about to go there. In such a scenario, your best course of action would be to take the car to the nearest garage for a thorough check-up and repair. 

Unusual Noises

Sometimes you can come across strange, new noises when driving over a rough patch of road. You may hear a squeal when putting on the air-conditioner or a louder than usual sound when your engine is idle or driving.

Unusual sounds in your car can come about due to loose belts or something else. Sounds from your car's engine can signal serious malfunctioning. Again, a tapping sound from your car's engine compartment means that it is low on oil. A tune-up can resolve many problems in no time.

Sluggish Behavior

Over time, a car that you regularly drive can be like an extension of your body, and you can detect even minor changes in regular activities. If your car is slow to respond when you turn on the ignition, has a sudden loss of power during driving, or stalls when going up on an incline, there would be deeper triggers. A bad fuel pump, weak batteries, or even a dirty air filter could be the cause. A tune-up would help identify the exact culprit and resolve the problem.  

Bad Mileage 

Have you felt that your gas bill has gone up considerably of late? Maybe you were even thinking of selling off your existing car and getting a new, more fuel-efficient one. Low gas mileage need not necessarily be due to the age of your car.

There may be various reasons like faulty spark plugs, clogged filters, problems in the emission system, and sometimes even bad wheel alignment. A tune-up is the best way to fix these problems and make your car drive like new again. 

Unknown Vibrations 

A sudden, previously unfelt vibration in your car is a cause for concern. You may feel the vibration during individual turns, only in the steering wheel, frequently in one part of the vehicle, or as a wave running across. It could originate from various reasons ranging from wheel and tire problems, defects in suspension or steering system components, a broken engine mount, or something else. 

How does a car tune-up benefit you?

When you take your car for a tune-up, the mechanic will evaluate everything and then take a few measures. Ignition system components such as spark plugs, coils, and wires may be replaced. Clogged engine filters, fuel filters, and air filters could require change as well.

An engine oil change is also one of the common items in a tune-up. Again, on the engine side of things, a set of small but important components are the spark plugs in your engine, and those may need to be changed as well. 

All the above and more that take place during a tune-up make your car emerge healthier in all respects. Most importantly, you have likely nipped a few problems in the bud, preventing higher repair costs in the future. Changing spark plugs and any other faulty items in your car's ignition system enhances performance and mileage. The same goes for a new, clean engine filter.

A new cabin air filter can make the air you breathe inside your car cleaner and healthier. Any change in belts and hoses ensures that you are free from a sudden breakdown, especially when traveling long-distance on the highway. 

Tune-up Santa Fe at Master Tech Auto

Here at Master Tech, we specialize in tune-ups, repairs, and car maintenance for various makes and models owned by our Santa Fe clients. We care about your vehicle and its longevity. With us, you will always have a safe pair of hands tuning up your car after a thorough examination.

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