Five Things To Know About Oil Changes For Your Car

Posted on Mar 26, 2021

One of the most primary automobile maintenance measures is to run a regular oil change schedule. But how frequently does this change need to take place? The answer can be puzzling because it may differ based on the age of your car, your driving habits, and recommendations of the car's manufacturer. A delayed oil change can cause your vehicle's engine to heat up, run less efficiently, and over time damage engine components.

At the same time, you need to understand that most modern-day cars may not need frequent oil changes like the mandatory change of oil every 3000 miles. If you change the oil in your car more frequently than necessary, it will do no good as well. 


Signs you need an oil change.

You need to understand the warning signs that indicate your car's engine oil needs to change. It is a good idea to turn off the music sometimes and listen to your car hum. After all, the noises and vibrations coming from your car can offer significant clues about your car's health. A tapping sound from your car's engine compartment means that it is low on oil.

Your vehicle may have an oil pressure light to indicate if your car's oil is flowing correctly. If this light blinks, then you need to take your car to the garage immediately. But there could be an oil monitoring system in your car that would flash if your oil needs replenishing.


Self-help tips to know when you require an oil change


If your car has oil monitoring systems, you need to keep an eye on the light. However, there would be a dipstick under the hood in cars without a monitoring system that you can pull up and know a few important things about oil health. It is as easy as pulling up the stick and checking the oil level as well as oil quality. It would be best if you did it at least once a month.

If the oil level is low, you will know to change the oil. Again, the color of the oil is also an indication. Good oil is amber in color and somewhat translucent. If you cannot see through the oil coating on the dipstick, it means time for an oil change. 


It is best to stick to your manufacturer's maintenance schedule. But if you have a predominant driving habit, such as much time on the highway, you may require a slightly different plan. 


What happens when you don't change your oil?

The oil in your car's engine lubricates the parts inside. As oil gets pumped through small engine passageways, it acts as a cooling agent to reduce engine heat. While doing its job, the oil degrades over time due to constant heat, moisture, and air exposure. As a result, the oil thickens, sludge formation occurs, and these begin to have a corrosive effect on your engine parts. 


The life of your car's engine and its peak performance is dependent on good quality oil flowing through at all times. An oil change is an inexpensive and simple activity that your neighborhood garage can help accomplish. But, the effect of low engine oil in your car can be catastrophic over time. When you replenish the oil in your car on time, it protects your engine from excessive wear and tear, ultimately saving you from repairs that can cost thousands of dollars.


How long should an oil change take, and how long does an oil change take?


You can't talk about automotive maintenance without talking about a fast oil change. When everything is said and done, oil changes will last about 20 to 30 minutes on average. This little bit of time is a small price to pay. When you consider all the damage you'll potentially have to undo if you put oil changes off for too long, even an hour may not be a big-time investment. 


Are you running on diesel?

A diesel oil change is identical to a regular one. The only difference comes in the recommended interval between changes. If you are using synthetic engine oil, the interval between changes could be longer.

But do note that your daily commute, the climate where you operate, and the type of haulage would have a role to play. It is best to refer to your vehicle's recommended maintenance schedule and discuss with your technician to determine the best timing for an oil change.


Choosing the Right Oil for Your Car 

As a car owner, you need to know the recommended engine oil viscosity of your automobile. This handy information is available in your very own owner's manual. But do you know how to pick the right motor oil for your car?

Again, given all the choices for motor oil options out there, choosing the right oil for your vehicle may seem like a difficult task. While there is a mountain of information about the several oil choices, the first step is honestly quite simple: Look in your car's manual.  

In new-age vehicles, the car's motor oil weight appears on the cap for the oil entry. Ensure you know what's recommended or appropriate by your car manufacturer before you head for a visit to your mechanic so that you can control the cost of the oil they're putting in.


 The question also arises: do you need synthetic oil? Only if your automaker calls for it. Synthetic oil is more effective at withstanding high temperatures and resisting breakdown. A report from the American Automobile Association (AAA) mentions, "AAA found that synthetic oil outperformed conventional oil by an average of nearly 50 percent in its independent evaluation, offering vehicles significantly better engine protection for only $5 more per month when following a factory-recommended oil change schedule". 


How to reset your oil change light


Most modern vehicles come equipped with the oil change light indicator. But even after you have changed the oil in your car, the light won't turn off on its own. Here, you would need to reset the oil change light.

It is vital since you'll not know when the next oil change would be due without resetting. Various models have their reset methods. Refer to your owner's manual or go online to learn more. 


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