4 Car Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

Posted on Nov 12, 2018

4 Car Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

Everyone wishes to be self-sufficient, and if you can save some money in the process, even better. But trying to avoid those expensive bills by fixing the problem yourself could sometimes lead to disastrous results and even more expensive repairs.

You have your simple fixes like, replacing the battery or changing a tire that a short “Do-It-Yourself” YouTube video could guide you through. Here are 4 car repairs that you should definitely not try yourself.   

1. Air Conditioning Repair

The recharge procedure, where you need to pump out the old refrigerant, requires a vacuum pump and that’s not a cheap investment. But let’s assume that you have a vacuum pump, pump out the old refrigerant and charge the system back up according to the specified factory specs. You still have the old refrigerant to get rid of, and to throw a hazardous chemical in the trash sounds quite irresponsible. Doesn’t it?

But if there’s still no improvement in the A/C performance, it is almost definitely related to a leak or fault with the system. To fix this, you will have to dismantle the dashboard and that’s something even a seasoned DIYer would think twice about.   

2. Transmission Repair

The transmission is one of the most important components of a car. It engages the forward and reverse drives of the car. It is a very complex part with delicate components that should not be meddled with unless you know exactly what you are doing and have access to the right equipment.

It might seem like an easy fix on paper, but if not done right could lead to disastrous results and lasting damage. The best option is to go to a licensed mechanic who has done this before or, if the repair cost is too high, scrap the car altogether.

3. Windshield Replacement

Replacing your windshield is simple in theory but it is actually a very difficult task that requires specialized tools and if not done properly could result in you having to, well, replace your windshield again.

Even if you did manage to remove your windshield, there’s always the added task of finding a new one of the right size. But the hardest part will be when you have to fix the new windshield and glue it with an adhesive and chances are the final result is not going to look that great.

But all this can be avoided if you repair the cracks on your windshield before they get worse.  


4. Body Work

Beating out a few dents sounds relatively easy to do. But more severe the damage, the harder it is to fix. Also, if not done properly, it would just make your car look ugly with mismatched paint and bad fills. This labor intensive task has a small margin of error and should be carried out by a professional.

Your car is an integral part of your daily life and its maintenance should be taken seriously. If you don’t know what needs to done, or if the problem is something you have never faced before, the best option is to get an expert to have a look at it.

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